Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Challenge 1: Disconnect!

Back in the day on the lacrosse field, we spent hours upon hours running drills, working on plays, and scrimmaging. As a bunch of college girls at practice on a sunny Thursday afternoon at Arizona State, you can imagine we also did a lot chatting and not paying attention and, consequently, our fair share of running punishments. This was always a theme in team sports – you misbehave, you have to run. 

So is this where so many of us formed our early opinions on running? If we haven’t fallen for the sport, and instead force ourselves through it to stay in shape, are those early memories of seemingly endless laps around the field the root of our tortures? Whether or not that is the case, the solution is to alter your natural feelings toward your runs. Change dreading to anticipating, turn struggle into challenge.

And so, we come to our first weekly challenge! It’s a simple one, but we think it’s a game-changer:
For the next few runs, leave your ear buds at home.

We know, we know. You’re thinking “But I can’t run without music.” Well, we know you can! Take the time to let your mind wander after being plugged in all day, listen to your breath, and take advantage of the time you have to yourself. Focus on the good feelings of your run – the strength you’re gaining, the miles you’re tackling, and the fresh spring air you’re taking in. The more positivity you feel towards your runs, the more successful you’ll be along the way.

☮ ♥  and happy running

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