Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drink Red Wine, Increase Your Time?

Recently, we came across an article on the Runner’s World website  that crushed our souls. Titled “Red Wine not Linked to Better Running,” it told us research shows that drinking red wine will not make you a better runner, apparently refuting earlier findings to the contrary. We immediately poured out our Malbec-filled Camelbak as our wine-fanged lips pursed in frustrated disappointment.

All kidding aside, it got us to thinking about our nutritional habits both in and out of training routines. There’s so much information out there that it’s often easy to do the wrong thing and hard to discover the right thing. And naturally, when you’re logging 35 miles a week, you’re going to be a little hungry. Plus, nothing tastes better after a ten mile run than an ice cold beer!

So, when it comes to navigating through all the nutritional tips and pointers out there, our advice is simple: Think for yourself and aim for moderation. This means don't follow the marketing on labels or at restaurants and practice restraint when it comes to temptations to overindulge or over-imbibe .

Also, here are three suggestions that will help properly fuel and replenish your body during your training. They’re not drastic changes, but instead logical dietary guidelines for the long run (pun intended).
  1.  Skip the salt, hold the sugar. Altering your habits here is important. The more we add salt or sugar, the more our taste buds demand it. Skip it in your coffee or sprinkled on your meals.
  2. Lite is not right. Low-fat dairy and meats are great, but avoid anything lite, lo-fat, or “diet.” This goes first and foremost for salad dressings and packaged snacks or desserts. 
  3. Just add water. This isn’t to say you can never have a soda or glass of juice, but opt for water when you’re thirsty and don’t keep soda – even diet soda – in your fridge. Go for the whole fruit instead of the juice. Plus, water is the natural way to rehydrate after a workout.
Peace, love, and happy running!

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